Hull High (1990) – Ahead of its time

After looking through prime time schedules of TV’s past searching for shows that didn’t quite make the cut, this little gem caught my eye. I had never heard of it, so I was already off to a good start.

Picture this: A high school. But not just any high school. A cool, modern high school where the ups and downs of teenage lives unfold… wait for it… THROUGH SONG. And! Not only do the kids sing -THEY RAP. Because it’s the 90’s and everyone raps! Even when they shouldn’t.

What a formula for success. Or so they had hoped for 1990’s Hull High.

Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

Check out the opening!

(I instantly noticed Carly Anthony Payne who, just a few years earlier, was on The Cosby Show playing Theo’s friend Cockroach. He was fired for not cutting his hair.)

The first episode even features a teacher getting her Paula Abdul on while singing about English. They had to know how corny this was, right?

Anyway, “jams” notwithstanding, the show didn’t fare too well. It ran for only 8 episodes before NBC pulled the plug.

So what went wrong? Maybe audiences just weren’t ready. Director Kenny Ortega would later go on to helm all three High School Musicals with much greater success. Gotta admire the guy for sticking to his vision.

I wanted to watch a full episode but could only find them dubbed in Hungarian. BUT! The songs were spared – and that’s all that really matters, right?

If you’re looking for some amusement, there’s some fantastic cheese to be witnessed at Hull HighI’m sure you need to brush up your running man anyway.


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